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You can try a chrome extension for screen recording as well!

Other Demos

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WebPage+Canvas Recording Demo
Record Videos and Upload to ASP.NET MVC server Demo


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Using Softpal Record Samples...

  1. You can record both Audio/Video in single WebM file. (Chrome+Firefox)
  2. You can record both Audio/Screen in single WebM file. (Chrome+Firefox)
  3. You can record audio in WAV format. (Chrome+Firefox+Opera+Edge)
  4. You can record 2D Canvas animations. (Chrome+Firefox)
  5. You can record webpage activity; a tab's activity; or entire screen; or a specific application's screen. (Chrome+Firefox)
  6. You can record Gif in all browsers.

You can even control buffer-size, sample-rates, video-resolutions, bit-rates etc.